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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Templestowe Lower

smiling person in dental chairThe last set of teeth to form in our mouths are the third molars, which are better known as “wisdom teeth.” Each of these molars is tucked behind the last tooth in each quadrant of the mouth.

Unfortunately, they do not always erupt properly. Wisdom teeth often become impacted or only partially erupt because of the way they’re positioned in the mouth.

Why do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Pulled?

Wisdom teeth are particularly prone to problems like cavities, infection and swelling. A lack of space in the jaws can cause the teeth only to erupt a portion of the way, making them impossible to brush or floss effectively. As a result, they tend to develop tooth decay and active gum disease, placing additional health risk on the neighbouring teeth.

When space is an issue, wisdom teeth may grow in at an angle, pushing into the adjacent tooth. Not only does this pressure cause pain or trauma to other teeth, but it can also create problems with crowding and tooth movement throughout the entire mouth.

Proactively removing your wisdom teeth can eliminate many of these risk factors before you ever experience swelling or discomfort in your jaws. If you’ve had orthodontic treatment in the past and want to prevent relapse or unwanted tooth movement, it could be beneficial to have the third molars removed before issues occur.

Maintaining Your Comfort During Surgery

As with any other type of dental extraction, keeping you comfortable during wisdom tooth removal surgery is essential to us. We’ll ensure that the area around the extraction site is well numbed, allowing us to work more efficiently and have your procedure completed in a timely manner.

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