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Tooth Extractions in Templestowe Lower

empty dental chairWe strive to help our clients care for and maintain their natural teeth as long as possible, ideally for their entire lives. But when an infected, broken tooth or other dental emergency is at hand, a tooth extraction may be the most practical solution.

Should You Have a Tooth Pulled?

To preserve a tooth, it’s necessary to have enough healthy structure to work with. We may recommend having a dental extraction if you’re experiencing any of the following circumstances:

  • Orthodontic concerns, such as retained baby teeth
  • Dental emergencies (broken or cracked teeth)
  • Severe pain and infection
  • Advanced periodontal (gum) disease
  • Upcoming dental implant or denture treatment
  • Partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Some of the most common dental extractions that we offer involve wisdom teeth. Third molars often develop in a way that causes them to become impacted against adjacent teeth or only partially erupt in a way that makes them difficult to clean. Both of these situations make wisdom teeth especially prone to decay and disease, complicating the health of neighbouring teeth in the mouth.

During your exam, we’ll take an X-ray of your jaws to evaluate the positioning and health of your third molars and determine whether they need to be removed.

Keeping You Comfortable

Any type of oral surgery – including dental extractions – is something that can cause nervousness, especially in people who already suffer from dental anxiety. Our attentive team is committed to ensuring your safety and comfort at all times. We’re here to provide anti-anxiety options to help you feel at ease throughout your procedure.

Emergency Dental Extractions

In pain? Contact Manningham Smiles Dentistry straightaway. We’ll do everything possible to help you eliminate the source of your dental discomfort, even if it means that the tooth cannot be saved. New clients are always welcome.



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