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Orthodontics in Templestowe Lower

person with braces holding a clear alignerDid you know that crowded or crooked teeth are more difficult to clean and can put excessive stress on your gums and jawbone? Orthodontics are not just about giving your smile a straighter look, but have numerous benefits.

Solutions for a Straighter Smile

At Manningham Smiles Dentistry, our dental team offer you different options that you can select based on your preferences and goals. We are happy to discuss each of these solutions with you during a consultation.

Clear Aligners at Manningham Smiles Dentistry

A beautiful, straight smile could be considered one’s best accessory. Boost your confidence and beam brighter with clear aligners. Templestowe Lower dentist Dr Leo and the team are trained and equipped to provide a range of clear aligner options to enhance your smile.

ClearCorrect – Less Expensive, Discreet and Simple

ClearCorrect works in the same way as the popular treatment Invisalign™, only ClearCorrect is less expensive. It’s a terrific option for busy people who may have special events such as a wedding, for which they would like to remove their aligner. However, ClearCorrect aligners are so discreet that friends often don’t even know you’re wearing them!

The process is easy, too – simply come in for a consultation where a digital scan is taken and sent to ClearCorrect, who then create and return a series of custom aligners. All you need to do is work through the stages of wearing each different aligner, returning for a quick check between each stage.

Inman Aligner – Efficient, Safe and Gentle for Fast Results

For people looking for a quick solution, the Inman Aligner can in some cases improve smiles in just 9-12 weeks! Inman is particularly suited to those who’ve had braces previously and have since experienced some shifting in the alignment of their teeth. It can also be used as a precursor to align for cosmetic treatments such as bonding or veneers.

Inman Aligners are worn for 16-20 hours a day and achieve fast results from a nickel titanium coil spring, which powers aligner bows that gently oppose each other. Most cases are completed between 6-18 weeks, but Dr Leo will give you a realistic expectation for your particular needs.

When Are More Traditional Braces Required?

In more complex cases, where perhaps a client’s teeth are quite uneven, or there’s just not enough room in the jaw, traditional braces remain the best option. Braces are still recommended for clients where modern aligners aren’t suitable or whose oral structure needs an extra push. More complex situations will be referred to an orthodontist.

It can take as little as six weeks or as long as three years to put your teeth into the desired alignment. Our options range in price so that you can choose which is most appropriate for your budget. All initial orthodontic consultations are free, and payment plans are available!

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