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Tips for Teaching Your Child the Basics of Oral Health Care

Mother and daughter brushing their teethKids are like sponges, absorbing information left and right. One of the things it’s important to teach them early on is how to take care of their teeth and why it’s important.

We’ve outlined some helpful tips below on how you can go about it and keep their smile beaming for years to come.

1. Give them helpful reminders.

Your child isn’t going to always remember to brush their teeth each night before bed or each morning before school. Instead of stern warnings, provide gentle reminders if you believe they’ve skipped out on their routine.

2. Let them know about oral health risks.

Cavities are extremely common in children—if you teach your child how cavities form (eating lots of sugar, poor hygiene, etc.), they’ll be better prepared to combat them.

3. Let them pick out their toothpaste.

When it’s time to buy them a new tube, let them choose their flavour at the supermarket. This will make it fun for them to brush at home. Do make sure the toothpaste is appropriate for children.

4. Help your child understand the importance of drinking water.

We know kids love to sip soda and sugary drinks like juices, but water is good for their teeth and overall health. Encourage them to have a glass of water after snacks and meals to help wash away debris left behind on their teeth.

5. Visit our practice early on.

The sooner you get your child into our care, the more familiar they’ll become with oral health and hygiene. This will help them get used to seeing us, and they may even look forward to their visits—we know we do!

Is it time for your child to have a visit with us? We look forward to seeing you soon! Contact us to schedule their appointment.

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